2010 Objectives

Business & Professions Committee
Citizenship & Patriotism Committee
  • Sponsor a Patriotic Photographic Contest For Students.
  • Sponsor two students to Boys &/or Girls State.
  • Support literacy programs in County.
  • Conduct a recognition dinner for community volunteers.

Environment Committee
  • Sponsor highway beautification program.
  • Conduct local recycling pick-up program.
  • Organize highway cleanup Spring & Fall, including Rt. 252.
  • Contribute to Rockbridge Area Conservation Council

Public Services Committee
Social Development Committee
  • Organize Entertainment for Christmas Party
  • Send flowers for sick members & spouses
  • Organize Support Rockbridge County Christmas Basket Program
  • Implement Scholarship Program for RCHS - students / Criteria for Applying
  • Support Rockbridge Weekday Religious Education.
  • Kingsway Food Pantry sponsorship.
  • Mission Next Door project sponsorship